Getting the Story Right on Tropical Deforestation

The Awesome.

Yeah, flashmobs, pranks, swiftly organized warroom tweetups, late-night dance parties of 15,000. Remember that rebellious side of us, that “we won’t take the past for an answer” side of us? Remember that “join us because this is awesome and you’re invited” side of us?

Politics is personal identity built into popular movements. The Tea Party is powerful because it ready-makes an identity for those who feel left behind by the 21st Century. It’s a safe space in a post-9/11, post financial collapse, peak-global-hegemony America. And the Tea Party’s done well wiping up a messy identity crisis by defining what they’re afraid of.

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Its Getting Hot Here


Eco Christian Team

We've fall in love with this planet while a go, but keep forgetting how precious and fragile the Eco-System is. This is our chance to act, and is a group effort, so you are invited to be part of it!

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